Biotin Gummies

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Multivitamin gummies made with Biotin 5000mcg and Vitamin A, C, E & Zinc.

Good For: Hair thickness, strengthening in men & women

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Improves Hair Health

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Repairs Scalp

GMP Certified

Biotin multivitamin gummies are natural supplements that not only repair your scalp but also make your hair healthy and strong.

Biotin Gummies

  • Packed with Biotin 5000mcg along with vitamins A, C, E and Zinc, these superfoods are the perfect supplements for your hair.
  • Biotin helps in hair growth and improves hair thickness.
  • In addition, vitamins C, E & Zinc act as antioxidants and eliminate dandruff while vitamin A moisturizes the scalp.
  • You get 30 natural strawberry flavored gummies with all the hair vitamins.

Biotin Gummies

  1. Take 2 gummies daily at a convenient time
  2. Bite, munch and savor the taste of the strawberry

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It also contains vitamin A, C, E which repairs scalp & helps skin glands make an oily substance called sebum. It helps moisturize the scalp and keeps hair healthy.

Loaded with Vitamins A, C, E & H

Our biotin gummies provide you with all the nutrition that is required for hair growth in the most natural form (food). These strawberry flavored gummies (candies) not only help in improving hair density but also helps improve skin texture, digestion and memory.

Natural supplement for healthy hair


I was called Taklu

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Read the most honest and unflitered story of how our founder went through hair loss, solved it and eventually created a wellness revolution.

Our founders hair loss journey

Why is Nonu better than other hair care brands

90% of men’s hair loss is due to a combination of Male Pattern Baldness and lifestyle factors.

Most of the brands provide random cosmetic solutions without proper diagnosis and hence cannot solve male pattern baldness.

At Nonu Care, we try to understand the stage of your hair loss, the exact underlying causes and only then recommend a personalized solution for you that is medically approved to stop Baldness.

Science + Nutrition + Herbs

Free Doctor Consultation

Personalized Hair Growth Kits

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups

Dedicated Health Assistants

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100+ CEOs & founders rated us 4.8 ⭐.

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Our wellness products are widely approved and suggested by all major hospitals, dermatologists & sexologists across India.

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Customer reviews are awesome. Doctor reviews are even better.

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Chief Surgeon - Redefine Hair Transplant

Combining medicines, vitamins & a herbal shampoo into a single subscription kit is an all round attack on hairloss. Glad to see something authentic in India finally.

I have been recommending this combination of medicines, vitamins to my patients and I have personally seen the amazing results it can have on hair loss.

General Practitioner

Dr. Aparna

Customer reviews

4.8 ⭐ by 30000+ happy users


Mela - Founder & CEO

This is an eye opener. This is amazing. I did not know that genetic hair loss can be stopped with the help of medicines. Thanks to Nonu for making it so simple and effective.


Airbnb - Senior Software Architect

Thank You Nonu. When I started using the kit, I thought this must be like all other hair loss products. But after 4 months I can't believe how well the kit had worked. Thanks a lot Nonu.


Wells Fargo - Software Developer

Ordered for 4 months. This is a complete package - combining medicines with natural vitamins & herbal shampoo is awesome. Great products & Great quality. Ordered for 4 months.


Lokal - Founder & CEO

Complete Solution. Nice products overall. The shampoo is amazing and the vitamins are tasty. Along with the medicines, this definitely looks like the complete solution.

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