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The classic hair kit.

A proven combination of hair regrowth products for those who are freaking out a little less.

Best For: Any hair loss

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What’s inside the box?

You get the most effective combination of 4 dynamic products to stop any type of hair loss including male pattern baldness.

1. Minoxidil. (60 ml bottle)

2. Vitamins. (30 Biotin Gummies)

3. Shampoo. (DHT 150 ml)

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Stops Baldness

Stops Hair Loss

Doctor’s #1 Choice

  • Minoxidil 5% (Alcohol Free & 2X Effective) - 1ml of this medicinal solution when applied twice a day increases blood supply & nutrition to scalp thereby stopping hair loss. Our proprietary enhancers make it 2X more effective than any other Minoxidil.
  • Biotin gummies - These natural food supplements are enriched with Biotin and Vitamins A, C, E & Zinc. They repair your scalp and provide all the nutrition required for healthy hair growth.
  • DHT Herbal Shampoo - Made with imported medicinal herbs from South America, aloe vera & argan oil, you will get the most nutrient rich DHT shampoo to strengthen your hair.

I was called Taklu

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Read the most honest and unflitered story of how our founder went through hair loss, solved it and eventually created a wellness revolution.

Our founders hair loss journey

Our founders hair loss journey

We only sell stuff that worked for us

I started going bald at the age of 25. From natural solutions like Eggs, Onion Oil to high tech treatments like PRP & Laser Therapy, nothing worked for me.

Determine to solve it, I worked with tens of senior doctors to create a complete treatment plan.

I was called Taklu

By bringing together quality medical advice, medicines, nutrition, and lifestyle changes I was able to successfully stop my hair loss and regrow hair using the complete hair kit.

Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 1
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 2
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 3
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 4
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 5
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 6

Our founder, Anudeep's journey of solving hair loss using Nonu's complete hair kit

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The natural biotin multivitamin gummies & the medicinal herbs from the shampoo provide sufficient nutrition to hair, thereby giving you a thick, healthy & strong hair

Grows thicker & stronger hair

Improves Hair Density by 20%

According to scientific studies, men observed 103 - 223 additional hair per square inch area when medicines were used consistently for 4+ months. They improve blood supply to the scalp thereby reactivating the inactive hair follicles. So say hello to the one and only US FDA approved kit to effectively reverse the Male Pattern Hair loss, Baldness and Androgenic Alopecia.


How to use

₹ 600

The minoxidil spray

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₹ 595

Apply 1 ml of Minoxidil twice a day (morning & evening)

Take 1ml in a dropper or press the spray pump 4-5 times to release 1 ml of solution

Apply Minoxidil directly on the scalp or skin and gently massage for 2 minutes

Make sure to apply minoxidil on dry scalp only

Do not use any oil, gel or spray for at least 1 hour after applying Minoxidil

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Biotin multi vitamins

Take 1 gummy daily at a convenient time

Bite, munch and savor the taste of the strawberry

The DHT shampoo

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Take sufficient amount of shampoo in your palms

Apply shampoo to wet hair and feel the softness

Massage your scalp gently for 2 minutes

Wash it off with water and feel the difference

₹ 430

What to expect

After 3-4 months of daily use, you will notice that the hair loss has stopped completely. In addition, 20% improvement in hair thickness and density can be observed after 4 months. Works best for any hair loss including Male Pattern Baldness.

1-2 months: Stop hair loss

3-4 months: Regrow hair

Hair fall gradually reduces in the first 2 months and should completely stop by the end of it. There will likely be no visible changes in this phase. However, some people might observe a slight increase in hair loss in the first 15 days. Remember this is normal and temporary.

In this phase, you can see improvement in hair density up to 20%. At the beginning tiny hair starts to appear and by the end of 4 months you should be able to see significant increase in hair density and thickness as well. You will start to notice that bald spots either get smaller or get covered completely.

This is required for men suffering from baldness. It is recommended to use Minoxidil either once per day or every alternate day similar to hair oil in order to maintain the results and have healthy thick hair.

Maintain the results

Treatment results

Photos from members taken after 4 months of treatment.

Why is Nonu better than other hair care brands

90% of men’s hair loss is due to a combination of Male Pattern Baldness and lifestyle factors.

Most of the brands provide random cosmetic solutions without proper diagnosis and hence cannot solve male pattern baldness.

At Nonu Care, we try to understand the stage of your hair loss, the exact underlying causes and only then recommend a personalized solution for you that is medically approved to stop Baldness.

Science + Nutrition + Herbs

Free Doctor Consultation

Personalized Hair Growth Kits

Unlimited Doctor Follow ups

Dedicated Health Assistants

The complete hair kit

The meds make the difference. Scientifically proven solution to regrow hair on even the baldest of heads.

Best For: Advanced hair loss

What you get:

Finasteride 1mg x 30, Minoxidil 60 ml, Vitamins 30 Biotin Gummies, and Shampoo DHT 150 ml

Try this kit

₹ 1,500

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100+ CEOs & founders rated us 4.8 ⭐.

Trusted by all major health care institutions.

Our wellness products are widely approved and suggested by all major hospitals, dermatologists & sexologists across India.

Listen to your doctors.

Customer reviews are awesome. Doctor reviews are even better.

Dr. Harikiran Chekuri

Chief Surgeon - Redefine Hair Transplant

Combining medicines, vitamins & a herbal shampoo into a single subscription kit is an all round attack on hairloss. Glad to see something authentic in India finally.

I have been recommending this combination of medicines, vitamins to my patients and I have personally seen the amazing results it can have on hair loss.

General Practitioner

Dr. Aparna

Customer reviews

4.8 ⭐ by 30000+ happy users


Mela - Founder & CEO

This is an eye opener. This is amazing. I did not know that genetic hair loss can be stopped with the help of medicines. Thanks to Nonu for making it so simple and effective.


Airbnb - Senior Software Architect

Thank You Nonu. When I started using the kit, I thought this must be like all other hair loss products. But after 4 months I can't believe how well the kit had worked. Thanks a lot Nonu.


Wells Fargo - Software Developer

Ordered for 4 months. This is a complete package - combining medicines with natural vitamins & DHT shampoo is awesome. Great products & Great quality. Ordered for 4 months.


Lokal - Founder & CEO

Complete Solution. Nice products overall. The shampoo is amazing and the vitamins are tasty. Along with the medicines, this definitely looks like the complete solution.

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