The hair kits.

Congratulations! You found the solution to your little hair problem. 2 awesome kits to get the job done. One comes with medicine, the other doesn’t. Simple.

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₹ 1,500

The complete hair kit

The meds make the difference. Scientifically proven solution to regrow hair on even the baldest of heads.

Best For: Advanced hair loss

What you get:

Finasteride 1mg x 30, Minoxidil 60 ml, Vitamins 30 Biotin Gummies, and Shampoo DHT 150 ml

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₹ 1,400

The classic hair kit

Minoxidil 60 ml, Vitamins 30 Biotin Gummies, and Shampoo DHT 150 ml

Best For: Mild - Moderate hair loss

What you get:

A proven combination of hair regrowth products for those who are freaking out a little less

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₹1824 /mo

₹1625 /mo

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+14% off

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₹ 595

Biotin multi vitamins

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₹ 430

The herbal shampoo

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₹1200 /mo

₹600 /mo

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₹ 600

The minoxidil spray

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₹750 /mo

20% off

₹ 199

The finasteride tablets

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I was called Taklu

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Read the most honest and unflitered story of how our founder went through hair loss, solved it and eventually created a wellness revolution.

Our founders hair loss journey

Why is Nonu better than other hair care brands

90% of men’s hair loss is due to a combination of Male Pattern Baldness and lifestyle factors.

Most of the brands provide random cosmetic solutions without proper diagnosis and hence cannot solve male pattern baldness.

At Nonu Care, we try to understand the stage of your hair loss, the exact underlying causes and only then recommend a personalized solution for you that is medically approved to stop Baldness.

Science + Nutrition + Herbs

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Personalized Hair Growth Kits

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A powerful combination.

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