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Penned by our founder - Anudeep Reddy Sura

"I know how it feels to be called Ganju"

I started going bald at the age 25. I know how much it hurts to be laughed at for losing hair. I know how it is to be ridiculed by friends and mocked by barbers.

I know the pain of not being able to get the right hair style and photographs. I know the lonely cries in those unlimited dark insecure moments when we start balding.

The Pain

"Men's wellness is f****d up."
They looted you, me and everyone.

The Fake Mafia

I spent Rs. 4.20 lakhs on all hair treatments and literally failed every single time.

Any treatment you name it, I would have tried. Right from Rs. 30,000 homeopathy packages to Ayurvedic Hair Oils worth thousands of rupees, I have used everything.

From natural solutions like Onions & Eggs to high tech treatments like PRP (Plasma) & Laser therapies, I have literally burnt money on all of it.

"Enough of this Sh**"
Taking advantage of men's sensitive issues has to stop today

The whole reason why I started Nonu is to stop this fake mafia and provide authentic solutions for men.

I bet most of you do not know that baldness or ED can be stopped using medicines, nutrition and doctor's guidance.

Nonu Revolution

By bringing together quality medical advice, scientific solutions, Ayurveda and lifestyle changes we can effectively solve all of the men's personal issues.

Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 1
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 2
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 3
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 4
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 5
Nonu Founder's hair loss journey - month 6

Our founder, Anudeep's journey of solving hair loss using Nonu

F*** 'em all!
You deserve better, You deserve Nonu


The most authentic men's wellness platform

With the goal of solving men's issues the right way, we started in August 2019. Today, we have successfully solved the issues of 30000+ men through the most effective combination of doctors, medicines, nutrition and lifestyle changes.

The men's wellness revolution has just begun and we won't stop until every man is happy and healthy.

We were the first ones in India to offer free medical consultations. Not only that we take ownership like no one else. Our team of dedicated health assistants follow up with you on a regular basis to collect data, track progress and ensure that the problem is solved the right way.

We are a passionate group of sons, fathers, grandfathers and brothers working day and night to provide the best life for our fellow Indian men.

We bleed for you

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