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Ayurvedic Men’s stamina booster

Supercharges your strength, stamina and provides amazing energy.

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Peppy Love.

Peppy love capsules are considered as the one true natural solution for all your energy concerns.

You get 30 powerful capsules of 1000mcg each that are tailor made to provide amazing energy and strength.

100% Safe & Natural

Improves strength

Ayush Certified

Uniquely made with the goodness of Indian Ayurveda and traditional Herbs these capsules are proven to improve stamina & testosterone levels by 60%.

What is the science behind Peppy Love?

Tongkat Ali 200mg

An imported medicinal herb from malaysia contains anti oxidants and plant extracts that helps reduce cortisol (stress hormone) and boosts testosterone levels.

Imported medicinal herb improves blood circulation to the right places. This helps you to literally go hard for at home performance & also boosts muscle growth for gym lovers.

Shilajit 500mg

In one study conducted, men taking Gold standard Shilajit 250mg found an increase of 20% in testosterone levels after 90 days.

Ashwagandha 200mg

Ashwagandha is an ancient Indian herb that reduces stress and anxiety. Reduced stress leads to better at home performance and improved muscle mass for gym junkies.

Goat Weed 100mg


Improves energy
Improves performance
Improves muscle strength
Improves muscle endurance

How to use

  1. Take 1 capsule per day after dinner
  2. Use warm milk to consume the capsule
  3. For best results, take it daily for 4 months

Peppy Love

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₹ 700

65% off

Designed to care

Carefully Handpicked

100% Natural & Authentic

We source the rarest of rare gold standard Shilajit from the rocks of Himlayas at 18000 feet above sea level. This topmost grade of shilait contains the true benefits of Indian Ayurveda.

All the natural ingredients used are of exceptional quality and are sourced through the local tribes. Each ingredient then goes through our 2 tiered quality check for authenticity.

The natural ingredients are purified using traditional tibetian techniques for 48 hours in a secured plant following all the standards laid down by World Health Organization & Ayush Ministry.

WHO Approved

₹ 1500

The hair kits.

Congratulations! You found the solution to your little hair problem. 2 awesome kits to get the job done. One comes with medicine, the other doesn’t. Simple.

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Newly Married

Great muscle growth. I started using Peppy love for muscle growth. After using it just for 2 months, I see a great improvement in my body tone. Not only that it has significantly boosted my stamina at home. This is amazing.


Celebrating 10 years Anniversary

My life had taken a back seat because of the regular office stress. I have started using Peppy Love to improve interest and now my wife is so glad that I did. We are celebrating our 10 year Anniversary just like our 1st one.


In long distance relationship

I work as an assistant director and my work requires me to travel frequently. As, I get limited time with my wife I wanted to make sure we have the best of times together. Thanks to Peppy Love for all the strength.


Father of 3 kids

15 Years after marriage, our life went dry with responsibilities, kids and work. I decided to try Peppy Love for 4 months and it is unbelievable how it brought back the old energy, spirit and confidence. Wow!

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